Take what’s useful, leave what isn’t.

As you have seen from the ‘How to use’ I am a big picture thinker, the world is a village to me and we are linked. Physical process, spiritual ones, they are the same. If I feel unhappy in one area the dissatisfaction spreads to other areas in my life.  I have to be

Large red five petaled flower that has fall to the ground from a tree.
Red flower that falls to the ground from tall trees during a Hong Kong spring.

authentic and congruent otherwise I am bothered, as though I have an itch and yet the process of being complete never ends. I am continuously changing, responding to my environment, my feelings, my memories, my body, people I meet, information I hear, and so many subtle happenings I am barely aware of.  But when I settle down I see that all of these parts are aspects of the same thing. They are all part of my sense of self and my sense of self is relating to the whole universe.  For me that isn’t abstract, its very real.

For the first half of my life it’s been difficult to live like this on the inside (in my mind and in my body) while relating to the world in a typical way.  I have fantasised about cutting myself off from the world and residing in nature or meditation, as I do not imagine I can fit into the world I see around me.  But now something very new is emerging as I seek new ways to live in the world as my inner self. My long felt need to be in community with others is pushing me forward to live my dreams of making money and having a full social existence as I truly am -with all my gifts and flaws. So here I am out in the world sharing what I know and learning from others – and it’s so wonderful!

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