Professionalisation and Vibrant Lifestyle

When me and my ‘techie’ husband were setting up this site the idea was to demonstrate my skills and learning and to share my interests and hopefully one day to move my financial needs into this area and use it to make money by offering these skills directly at workshops, festivals or for community projects and with businesses and schools.  A few days after getting the domain name I head that the Deputy Head at my primary school is to go to court to face 13 allegations of sexual assault to the girls who were at my school.  He was found not guilty almost 30 years ago when I had just left the school and it makes me think.  The teachers in the school, what did they know (intuit, guess, fear) why were the children not asked about their intuitions, feelings, hunches in a careful way, through drama through art, just to give the legal professionals an understanding of the energy we felt around him.  Why was the girl assumed to be making it up at the time? And how is she now after 30 years of being called a liar and people thinking she was trying to destroy his career for fun? How have her family held up, they must have been assumed to have provided her with a toxic environment to behave like this? And the deputy head himself, knowing the real measure of his guilt, and if he did it he was almost certainly a victim in his childhood and what about that story and the lack of help for him? And I wonder about the other people who have suffered because of him? And if he is found innocent what is happening that causes 13 women to say this?

Fluorescent orange 'bob' style wig and white furry cardigan, worn in the spirit of fun
Don’t panic, it’s fake fur and briefly borrowed from a friend. What is personal becomes political very easily.

I am left thinking how can I have a blog which separates the personal and the professional when all I see is life and needs and hurt and love.  So if this isn’t the professional, proof read and clearest blog you have found you have missed my point and if I put an article about sex next to one about child development thats OK because when we are clear about our trauma, pain and attachment wounds we are better parents, lovers, teachers, therapists, friends. An adult living and working with children is a sexual being and an energetic being and lets be clear and open about that and not pretend otherwise. Then lets do our own work so that we are the best people for these children to be around. Safe, confident, vigilant, kind, relaxed, poised and fully present.

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