About me

Hi, I’m Rachel. 

I work with individuals, couples and families in a trauma-informed, relational way online, I am a registered member of BACP . I help individuals and couples connect with themselves and each other by helping them tune into their “felt sense” (Gendlin), that is the embodied sense of who they are and what feels right for them, it is the opposite from that confused, stuck feeling of being disoriented, bewildered and shut down or unable to trust your next action.

We can connect with ourselves through our nervous system or sense of spirit, through embodied approaches. I am a Focusing-Oriented Therapist and Focusing Trainer and a member of TIFI, a Certified Brainspotting Professional and a member of  Brainspotting International and I have trained in Deep Brain Reprocessing with Frank Corrigan.

All of these very different approaches let us tune into “felt sense” and I work with them differently with each person and always in a client-led way, with my central training being my MSc in Person-Centred Psychotherapy.

I love to learn, you can see ample evidence of my curious nature with my qualifications here. I work with people who would like some coaching and supervision for their roles as well as people with PTSD, behaviours they don’t like, anxiety and those feeling stuck.

I have lived and worked in Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai, Aotearoa/New Zealand, Germany and Scotland, I enjoy adventures, travel and change, recently I felt a pull back to England where I hope to bring some of what I have been taught by the diverse communities I have had the privilege of learning from and with. My experience of learning Systemic Constellations with in a Māori settling has been fundamental to regaining my sense of being connected to the land of my birth and the idea of relating to ‘Land’.

Ecotherapy can provide an explicit or implicit part of our work together as we adjust to living in a world where climate, disease, scarcity is in the headlines and part of our personal experience. I understand the body to be a significant site of our intergenerational experience and physically made of The Earth, so it is a good place to start working with big questions. Brainspotting, Focusing and Deep Brain Reprocessing are practices which let us be with what we don’t yet know without being overwhelmed or shutting down. I find people often come and work with me after doing a lot of great work by themselves and we can explore that which has been inaccessible so far.

My work with individuals and families acknowledges systemic and holistic experience, seeking to be a place where BIPOC, gender diverse, neurologically diverse and differently abled people can feel welcome and to help people understand themselves as parts of a wider system rather than individuals disconnected from their histories and place. This is a place where we can be real with what ‘is’ for us on this planet right now.

I run the Montessori Commons website, to make the work of Maria Montessori more accessible throughout the world. As a Montessori Teacher I have been working with families for over a decade helping them connect with their children, offer the support their child needs and help couples parent the way they long to. I have had the privilege of working with many families where an understanding of autism and neurological/sensorial diversity is crucial.

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