Rachel Hendron, the Owner of Reset.cc
Rachel Hendron, Psychotherapist

Hi, I’m Rachel. I’m fascinated by humans, how we live, feel, the systems we are connected to and the changes we want to make for ourselves, our families, our communities and the planet.

I work with individuals, couples, people struggling in their relationships, with behaviours and thoughts they want to stop or start, and together we take a pause and look at what is really going on and what would make life more wonderful.

I work in an embodied way, with the ‘felt sense’ Gendlin’s Focusing method which helps us get out of our way, with Brainspotting and polyvagal theory and with Systemic Constellations. May work is informed by peer-reviewed science with lots of space for the heart, intuition, our gut reactions and your lived experience.

You can read about my background, qualifications and the way I work with people. I aim to offer an extra welcome to non-binary, BIPOC and neurodiverse people and people who have experienced exclusion. Reach out to see if we are a good fit to work with each other. I’m currently based in the south of England, but I mostly work with my clients online, around the world.

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