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I am a Person-Centred, Focusing-oriented Therapist and Trainer, working with therapists who want to bring a more somatic, trauma informed and felt-sense exploration to their practice. I have completed with distinction an advanced diploma in Counselling Supervision  and am a NCIP Accredited Supervisor.

I am trained in Brainspotting and Deep Brain Reorientation which are somatic trauma processing methodologies and have a great deal of experience resourcing and preparing clients for this work as well as guiding them in sessions as they work with nervous system disregulation and dissociative experiences. These approaches are gentle, effective and give the client a lot of control and understanding so they can learn to navigate their experience as well as process and shift out of it. I am a Focusing trainer and I find being able to teach and share Focusing (working with the felt sense) a very useful starting place for working with trauma, disassociation, anxiety, depression and shock.

I also have a lot of experience working with clients on the autistic spectrum and how this can relate and combine with trauma and how it can show up with gendered differences and how it affects families and partners. I am interested in a systemic approaches which can help us navigate the realities of our own and our clients  developmental trauma as well as the current societal, ecological and existential urgency of the times we live in.

I am drawn to working through an Ecopsychological / Animist / Indigenous lens and exploring the Transpersonal as well as Intrapersonal and the felt sense of relationships we have with our clients to be effective therapists. I am cohosting the International Focusing Conference this year as well as an unperson Ecopsychology gathering through Edge of the Wild and a member of the Institute of Psychedelic Therapy and interested in how we help clients prepare for and integrate spiritual experiences, experiences with psychedelics, dream and breathwork.

Practice description

I am interested in working with therapists either for a single or short session of consultations to help therapists who want to work in a more embodied, relationally attended, trauma informed or expansive way as well as ongoing Supervision as a requirement of Ethical Frameworks and developing our practice.

I use a Focusing approach to Supervision where our relationship is the primary way of learning about ourselves and how we connect with parts of ourself, each other and our setting. So while addressing client wellbeing, ethical dilemmas, self care and making sure we are working within our capacity Focusing Supervision is also about learning to use our felt sense as people and practitioners to become ever clearer about our sense of ourselves in relationship, our strengths, capacities, motivations, needs and our areas of resistance and difficulty. 

I am happy to share my knowledge of helping clients and ourselves stay within our Window of Tolerance, to be grounded, competent, safe practitioners and to know what is our material and to ourselves to know what is useful to clients and what isn’t. I am happy to share information on how I have learnt to work with clients who have ASD, ADHD and other neurological differences, are living with pain or have PTSD and trauma, to help clients and also to help practitioners avoid vicarious trauma, overwhelm, burn-out and becoming either too detached or to involved. 

Working somatically helps us both maintain and adjust boundaries and therefore be the relationship that helps.

My first session

I am very happy for us to have a 15 min call to discuss anything you want to check with me before we meet. I am mainly available online, though I am interested in exploring how it might be to take the psychotherapeutic approach outdoors, either online and outdoors if that is available to you or in person around the water meadows of Winchester.

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