Antiracism and Intersectionality

We live in an intersectional world, where gender, sexuality and multicultural affiliations can leave us with the experience that we don’t have a larger group identity to belong and seek support in. Patriarchy is the larger context for Colonisation and Industrialisation which has disrupted our experience of belonging to ourselves, each other and the land. I’m aiming to provide a space for people grappling with gender and sexual identities, class and economic privilege, being different abled or neuro-atypical and any other label which disenfranchises us. It can also be a space to understand a mixed-heritage existence, Pakeha-Māori-Pasifika-Asian-Black….however you are.

It’s also a friendly space for people to work out how their organisation needs to change to meet the demands of BLM and the roar for an ability to breathe which is rocking the world right now.  It’s a space to be vulnerable, curious, to listen in and grow. This is your space…for supervision/coaching/therapy to help you on your journey to acknowledging privilege and moving towards antiracism. It’s a place where we can grow together. If you’d like to do some work in this way, feel free to get in touch.