Who can be the laziest today?

I have a little experience with Alexander Technique and Feldenkrais teachers and if you live in a big city you might find affordable group classes you can attend. Otherwise try an online class. These bodywork classes emphasis going slowly, experiencing sensorial information completely, to do bodyscans through the day, so you may notice fatigue, reluctance, thirst, irritability before you are overwhelmed.


Between a gap in heavy clouds rays of light fall down on mountains.
A pause before the storm.

My Feldenkrais teacher asks us, ‘Who can be the laziest in the class at this movement?’, ‘Who can do the least?’ these questions are shocking in our general educational environment. What he is asking us (I think) is who can resist the voices to ‘try hard’, ‘be perfect’, ‘never accept yourself or your efforts as good enough’, ‘resist the urge to push’, we have all been trained to be ‘good’ to sacrifice ourselves and this moment in time and not to take care or luxuriate in the wonders of now. Of course sometimes we need to be intentional, to get things done, but we also need to slow down, to stop, to look around and we need our children to do so if they are to have novel experiences, make careful decisions, take responsibility and notice their sensorial and felt experiences.

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