First Post!

The sun with a lens flare about a dark mountainous landscape.
The sun over Yakashima, Japan

I am so excited to be starting this platform, it feels like a pivotal moment form me and I want to offer everything as one time rather than structure it in a linear way. I find myself asking what goes first and what is later, but the joy of the blog is you can take what you like and leave the rest. I see things as very connected, even when I don’t know how, I can intuit that the ‘good stuff’ is ‘good’ because it links and resonates with the other processes I know more fully which are also ‘good’. Other pieces which do fit I feel confident leaving, either they don’t add to overarching understanding and can be dismissed or if they are valuable they will find ways of coming up again in my life.

Somethings I know are wonderful but not yet for my stage in development. For instance, there was a time when the concept ‘energy’ turned me off and now I see that my energy shifts when I walk in nature, when someone exhausted comes into a room, when its sunny the energy shifts. I can see it and accept that now and don’t know how I would express some ideas without the term, it’s part of my felt reality. So I welcome you to leave anything that doesn’t sit well with you now with confidence that other posts may be useful. As we keep exploring what we need really does seem to come and find us.

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