Formulating my website

With Vibrant Life I am trying to put my ideas together about the work I’d like to be doing in the second half of my life. I know it involves holding space and mind/body work and navigating the bridge between the professional and the personal. It involves my work with children, adolescents, families and teachers and I can imagine this easily extending to people in caring professions, service industries anyone looking for ways to grow.

Animals demonstrate how to live with spontaneity in the moment.

I keep being drawn into practicalities – where, when -with who and the big one – how much money, but for the moment this website isn’t to promote a product or to create a service outcome. It’s a place to share the transition between one way and the emerging one. Between being an employee with 40 hour weeks to give in return for payment (but so little time and energy to do anything with this money) and a new way which doesn’t have a particular structure, which doesn’t clearly have results and cash – its less related to quantity that quality.

So as I accept that I am writing about something which hasn’t fully unfolded yet I ask, what are the qualities of where I am right now with this work? Openness, exploration, feeling from the outside in, going slowly and then with great strides, like how you get out of the sea most gracefully – you wait till a wave pushes you forward and take a big step rather then moving into an oncoming drag which puts you off balance. As my ideas come together it seems as though my many interests do come together and I feel ready for this new challenge. My inner voice seems calm and I’m excited to begin.

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