Nonviolent Communication in Hong Kong

One participant tells her story moving her whole body on the NVC Dance floor cards, while another carefully observes.
Participants in the practice group express their ideas with their whole body on the NVC Dancefloor.

This year I have begun sharing  Nonviolent Communication  (NVC) in Hong Kong.  Before I had run an in-house professional development session with teachers from my school so I offered to lead a fortnightly practice group with the teachers. It is an opportunity for the teachers to share their experiences – both their commitment to Montessori/Peace education and also difficulties with having the time, energy, skills, confidence to do so in the way they dream of. As I finish my job earlier than they do I have energy to facilitate, listen and plan some activities. We have practiced speaking in the four stages of NVC and are beginning to practice listening to others with our NVC ears (listening without blaming, shaming, judging or feeling guilty) its a very different way of being with teachers after a hard day in the classroom.

Doing this I know that now I do have the confidence to  hold space for adults to learn. I have also shared NVC with group with speech and language therapists and occupational therapists at SPOT and at the Hong Kong Women’s Retreat, ‘Garden Gathering’ and from that been invited to share at IRIS. I taught a group of parents at my school on our Community Day and by doing this I have made contacts with other people working with adolescent groups and have been asked to teach NVC in a family setting. In just a couple of months I have held many conversations about Nonviolent Communication and am very happy to be sharing this in Hong Kong.

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