Counselling Placement at MIN

Maryhill Integration Network (MIN) exists to bring communities in Glasgow together. I have been offering weekly counselling sessions as part of my MSc in Person-centred counselling and psychotherapy to volunteers and asylum seekers. MIN aims to help people newly arrived in Glasgow by offering practical and social support to all. People who have benefitted from the service have an option to become volunteers themselves. The counselling sessions were useful to people who are going through difficulties, including waiting in the asylum process and also for processing past difficulties and traumas. Working with people who are currently experiencing difficulties which the volunteer went through can be a beneficial way of helping others and reflecting on what one has been through. Counselling sessions can be helpful times to reflect on this and reprocess the past. I brought my knowledge of working with trauma in a Focusing-oriented way to these sessions to help people understand their difficulties, including PTSD and somatically discharge and relieve old tension.


‘I remember when I was telling you about a problem in my life, and you said, “I wish I could help”, You were helping! Thank you for your empathy, insight and acceptance. Thank you for listening!’

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