Teaching Focusing Skills

I am celebrating teaching Focusing Skills to a group of Person-Centred Counsellors-in-Training. I have been studying Focusing with The Focusing Institute in New York for a year and a half and this is part of my accreditation, which I hope to complete in the Summer.  I met with each individual and guided them through a Focusing experience to find their Felt Sense and then we met as a group and worked in twos and threes to support each other track our felt sense and learn at the edge of our experience.

Focusing is an embodied, somatic practice, developed by Gene Gendlin to enable psychotherapy clients slow down and connect with their feelings and ‘felt sense’ rather than their old, stuck stories. Those stories which go round and round in your head and never stop, the feeling of being stuck when you want to be free and the energy and time we waste in this situation when we long to give and experience the flow of experience. Incredibly it is possible connect with ourselves and each other with curiosity and wonder and experience something beyond, something which carries us forward and we were able to do this together.

Myself and four group participants sitting around a table.
Discussing the experiences we have shared together.

I am full of gratitude towards those who joined me for this experience and hope to experience this with more people. Looking forward to coming to New York in the next few weeks to meet with Focusers who, up to now, I’ve only met online.

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