Reflecting on NVC retreat last year

This summer I went on a retreat which really stirred up things for me and I found a new edge. One of the biggest changes was my desire to teach NVC to adults and to talk about  my learnings about the edge with other people. I found that before I was unable to speak about what I’d learnt on my spiritual, psychological and physical journey.  I could talk to people about travel, mutual interests and emotions that they would approve of …basically the weather and in Hong Kong how irritating crowds are and how little space there is. So I started pushing myself and having conversations and when my schedule allowed it I began an NVC practice group with ex-collegues and did some workshops and began to share.  And after a couple of months I felt confident to have a real conversation with my colleagues and my practice group about ways I enjoy working

three blue cornflowers in a field of crops
The fields around the retreat were a beautiful place to walk and simply be.

These are; I like it when people mean ‘yes’ when they say it and are free to say ‘no’ too. I don’t want to be guessing what they really mean.

If you don’t like something I do please tell me so that I can do it differently next time.  I don’t want to hear criticism about what you don’t like when its too late and Im tired but especially if you’d like to help me I’m happy to experiment.

Be clear if you are suggesting a new idea because you have thought of something, making a request for something you’d quite like or demanding something you want so badly that the agreement we have about our relationship depends on it.

Doing so would have scared me earlier but when I offered this it strengthened all the relationships and I felt much more at home in them.

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